Anonymous asked:

wait a minute that's not your art 😮😮 anyway love your blog 😅😅

Nii Answer:

lol thanks, all of the art is from the talented RapidPunches.

Got bored and made this.

I used to play competitive, meh I just liek teh longshoot people when i am bored. So here is a gaming video for my blog cause I like to have fun also.

If any of you guys wanna play with me send me a message.

Now I will return to my Lomography shots.

tf2 sniper tf2 team fortress 2 2fort pug match montage

Anonymous asked:

How are you? What have you been doing lately?

Nii Answer:

I’m fine, how are you curious stranger?

Just waiting.
My bored Timelapse project.

waiting timelapse art smoke cigarette cigarette